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Whether you are a girl on the go or a spreadsheet making diva - We have an appointment just for you! View our appointment options and upgrades below.

Weekday Premiere Bridal Appointment

Can’t make it on a Saturday? Take off work, skip the crowds, and say “Yes!” during an appointment you won’t want to miss! Tuesdays through Thursdays you enjoy a complimentary premiere appointment with 15% off accessories and boutique items, beverage services, personalized gown selections, and much more.

Weekend Bridal Appointment

Coming in on a Friday or Saturday? Get ready for an experience full of energy and celebration. Our bridal appointments are designed to make your shopping easy and super fun! Enjoy and hour and a half that’s all about you and finding your dress! For a one-of-a-kind shopping day, check out our upcoming events.

Accessory Appointment

You have THE dress, so what’s next? Come in Tuesday – Friday for a 30 minute accessory appointment with one of our stylists. Take this opportunity to put your dress back on and style it with our exclusive Whittington Bridal jewelry collection as well as veils, belts, and straps to complete your bridal look!

Prom Appointment

Prom season is a magical time filled with anticipation and excitement, and choosing the perfect prom dress is where it all starts! Booking an appointment secures a special fitting room and a top notch stylist just for you! This adds extra layer of glamour to the event because every detail contributes to creating an unforgettable prom night! We can't wait to help you find YOUR dress! 

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If you need assistance scheduling your appointment or need to book a weekday gown pickup please give us a call at (832) 644‑5655